Fullymax Battery Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprises which is devoted to producing rechargeable high rate lithium polymer cells and battery packs,it was founded in 2001 , after 15 years of consistently dedication and investment, it nowadays has become the leading manufacturer for high discharge Li-Po battery.
With plant area of 20,000 square meters , 1,050 employees, the manufacturing center annually output capacity is 55 million pieces Li-Po cells. With excellent safety and reliability, high discharging plateau, long cycle life and high energy density(Wh/Kg),  Fullymax battery gains good reputation and praise from the customers from domestic and abroad as well.
Fullymax obtained over 30 patents related to rechargeable Lithium batteries , especially the hang of the key material such as positive and negative material formulation and the electrolyte formula for high energy density and high discharge rate applications. In 2011, Fullymax was the firstly one which successfully produced 60C continuously discharge Li-Po battery around the world. In 2012, we successfully developed cryogenic Li-Po battery that can be used in -40 ℃ ambient temperature.
Our battery can be widely used in the emerging markets of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), RC model planes, helicopters, model cars, smart wearable devices, consumer electronics, auto emergency starter, outdoor and military equipment etc, Here are some application example:
* High energy density and high discharge rate battery –multi-rotor UAV/FPV, plant protection UAVs
* High discharge battery -- RC model fixed wing plane, heli, car, ship
* Ultra high rate battery – car emergency starter
* High voltage & High capacity battery – E-cigarette
* High energy density batteries - Smart wearable devices: Bluetooth, ultra-thin batteries, smart cards, shaped batteries
* Ultra low temperature battery—outdoor and military mobile equipment which have to work under ultra low temperature
All products are produced under the frame of ISO9001 system  and GJB9001B military standard quality assurance system, and comply with UN38.3,  UL and CE safety criteria. we already established our environment and safety test lab, IQC test lab and battery performance test center, to ensure the quality and stability of our products ,
In future, Fullymax will continue to uphold the values of Customer first, Loyal and Friendly, Cooperative.  Professional and Innovative. We aim to become the world's best Li-Po battery supplier, and will continuously provide customers safe, reliable, innovative and green energy products and services.