In order to meet the specific voltage and capacity requirements, one or more cells can be connected in series and parallel combination.
e.g.  A single cell is 3.7V,5000 mAh
      2 single cells can be connected in 2 series(2S1P) which make a pack of 7.4V, 5000 mAh;
      6 single cells can be connected in 3 series and 2 parallel combinations (3S2P) which make a pack of 11.1V, 10,000 mAh;

Small aircraft battery
RC models

We have a set of strict battery assembly process. From a single cell to a battery pack,the cells must be fine selected according to the capacity, voltage and resistance, then matched as a group,   after ultrasonic spot welding, soldering ,assemble balanced charging wires, discharge wires and plug, as well as protection circuit board(PCM), shell, then comes out a battery pack, after pass a series testing the battery pack then could be delivey to our customers.

 Cells Combinations
Pack Assemble Line